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I need some help determining the value of ceramic kilns. These are my sisters and she recently lost her home so I am trying to help her raise some funds to relocate. These kilns have been stored for approximately 20 years and used very little prior to that time.

Econo-kiln K18

Duncan Lt-4K

Knight  102

Any advice or information is appreciated.


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First, LT-4K is the model fo the kiln sitter shutoff device, not the model of the kiln. Look for a serial plate somewhere on the kiln.

The value of each kiln will depend entirely on the condition of the kiln bricks, wiring, and elements. Duncan and Knight kilns are no longer made, however elements and most parts can be purchased through Euclids.com. L&L still has most parts for the Econo-kiln. But they are all really old kilns. If you just want to get rid of them, ask $350 each and be prepared to haggle a little.

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If ever there was a time to sell used equipment it's now. Crazy demand out there. 

On 5/22/2021 at 12:23 PM, Therapy girl said:

These are my sisters and she recently lost her home

Sorry to hear.

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