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Gold lusters

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I’m a beginner and am making miniatures for my dollhouse.  I’ve used Collorrobia C-A gold on some of my pieces as accent where needed. It’s very bright (as it’s supposed to be) but I’m wondering if colorrobia or Duncan (or any other) has a gold luster that fires not so bright- I don’t know if “matte” is the word I’m looking for since the purpose of these fired on lusters is to be bright gold- just would like an option that’s not as bright. Thanks- 

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I believe lustres are also affected by the texture of the glaze that they’re put on. If you’ve applied your lustre to a glossy glaze like the manufacturer suggests, you could try putting it over a textured or matte glaze.

If you’re finding the existing look a bit too extra, you could also try taking a little sand paper to it.

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