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Why is this glaze green?

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I stumbled on this glaze when trying various additions to my base glaze. It's very similar to a glaze I used before with titanium dioxide and copper carb as colourants. That one went green and I had assumed because of the copper carb. 

This glaze goes green without any copper - just rutile additions.  Adding copper as well seem to have very little effect. Can anyone suggest what's causing this? 

Also, would you say the base colour without rutile looks like a celadon? Otherwise how would you describe it? 

There's some more info on the glazy page




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Hi Tom! I took the liberty of deleting your duplicate post. 

I wonder if some of your colour variation is due to a thin application over an iron bearing clay that you mention has been fired in reduction. Small quantities of iron go blue or green in reduction, which is the source of the colour in a lot of high fire celadons.

Have you tried it on other clay bodies to see if the colour response holds the same?

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