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Specific Gravity

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 I use this almost every week and want to thank you for the tip. I have semi retired my glass hydrometers since buying a few of these  big boy 100cc syringes. This is a faster more accurate way to get you specific gravity right. With a digital gram scale it super fast

It sure beats wearing a 40-pound weight belt around waiting for earth to stop spinning and knowing you cannot fly away. No really it’s a time saver as well as ass a better system to see your specific Gravity. I have the weight written on the glaze room wall for reference including the syringe weight.

Thanks now you have two accolade’s one is spar named after you and the other is this gravity deal



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Dip the tip of the syringe in the glaze and then tare (zero) the scale to adjust out the weight of the empty syringe plus the little bit that will be on the outside of the syringe tip. Snarf up the 100ml, and weigh it straight. The number on the scale IS the S.G. No need to mentally subtract out the syringe itself.

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