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anyone know this very old, (1990s or before) glaze called "Surface Texture"?

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have always objected to the name, it does not seem logical.  unfortunately, it could be just what is needed on some pots we sell to raise money for our guild.  i think it will be used as a decoration on our usual old stoneware grey/green glaze.   the problem is that my copy of the recipe is incomplete.   i will list what i have and hope some of you may have recipes from the 1990s and earlier.  it comes out like a barely there orange stain rather than a glaze.   there is a very slight degree of gloss.   this is what i have, no idea why it was not finished or whether anyone can help.  i have also contacted the instructor at the junior college where the group met, no answer yet.  if any of you have used a rutile wash, it is a very similar color without any shine at all.  the glaze has a slight shine.


BALL CLAY                        30                                              750

BORAX                                 50                                           1250

TIN OXIDE                                                                             500


that is all there is.    anyone have a clue?


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Could it be that the recipe is complete, just not completely written down?  Using the amounts in the 2500g batch, it would be ball clay - 30; borax - 50; and tin - 20. Back in the day (and even some now), folks wrote their recipes to total 100 including the colorants, opacifiers, and other additives. I can see how a wash of 50% borax would have just a slight gloss after fluxing the surface of the ceramic without adding much glass.

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thank you all.

i do have part of a bucket of it that i made in december 2006.   isn't 20 percent tin a lot?   i do have a shoebox full of tin oxide but maybe the decoration is small and the amount i have will be enough.   will find out on tuesday.    that is today in 5 minutes.

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10 hours ago, oldlady said:

isn't 20 percent tin a lot?

Yes, it's one heck of a lot! Expensive stuff to be using at 20%! Having half the recipe made up of borax is really unusual too since borax is water soluble. Could you post a picture of what it looks like when you've got some pots done with it?

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i mixed that batch in 2006.   i never liked it, i understood it to be something that would always be covered with another glaze.   in the bucket it feels like sand in water.    the sides of the bucket showed where the glaze had been poured and the residue looked like chunks of sand or grog stuck in the dried surface.    the top of the bucket had a dark brown stain about a 1/4 inch down from the rim.  it wiped off easily.    when i re-constituted it last night, it was still wet enough that i left a fingerprint in the half inch left in the bucket.   it had appeared dry and i was surprised to find i could make an impression in it.   mixing it with my drill and paint stirring stick made it react like a very smooth caramel candy, thick and creamy looking but it felt sandy.

the pot was made by an australian who was trained by a classic japanese master.    he made it while visiting for a few weeks in 2010.     he looked at my glaze tests and rejected most of them choosing the surface texture to be alone on the pot.    i was surprised to see the finished pot, it is also a little sandy looking but the surface is level and there is no sandy feel.   very odd stuff.

that pot is made from my white clay, little loafers, the 50 commemorative pots we are making will be done in standard clay's 112, cone 6 speckled clay.   choices by a committee, 2 other glazes will be tested before a decision is reached.

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I have a recipe here somewhere also has heaps of borax, but I seem to remember it was cone 03 and shiny maybe. Will look it up.

Your glaze looks fine on tgat white clay. Tempting to add ilmenite or rough rutile to it!

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2 hours ago, StonedStudio said:

It's not under-fired, it lacks silica. 

Lacks silica, has boron far in excess of what is necessary at cone 6, sodium will be through the roof, flux ratio will be way off for a durable glaze, tin is crazy high, whole bunch of reasons this isn't a good choice for a functional glaze but I don't think the purpose of the recipe was to make a functional glaze. 

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