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looking for replacement splash pan for Bailey ST wheel--and trying to get the wheel to spin

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Hello I just purchased a bailey st wheel. It was only used for about 5 hours 15 years ago. But in that time and in two moves, the splash pan's plastic hardened and cracked beyond repair and the motor makes a sound when i press the petal but no turning.   

1. Does anyone know where to find replacement pans? 

2. Any guesses about where to start with the wheel. 

I took a risk and paid $200 for a non-working but barely used wheel and hope I can make it work ! New to all this,

Thanks for your help!


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I think the best place to start for your replacement splash pan is Bailey, link here is for your wheel:https://www.baileypottery.com/m-600-025.html

If you cannot find the splash pan, call Bailey and see what they can do to help you with your issues.  I always go to the manufacturer first for help, then branch out to wide spread browser searches.




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Is the motor turning but the wheel head isn't, or is the motor buzzing but not turning? If there's a buzz but the motor doesn't turn, then maybe the motor has seized up from not being used. If the motor has a little access port that you can open and get to the insides, open it up and blow it out with some compressed air, or through louvers at the bottom of the motor. Also try rotating the wheel head as you engage the pedal, as that may loosen it up and get to working again. If the motor is turning but the wheel head isn't, then you probably need a new belt.

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