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When it concerns a rifle device that I can not live without, it is pass on a bipod Simple and also straightforward, a bipod makes you a far better shooter. If something can make me a far better shooter, you can bet that I will certainly have it on my rifle.

There are most definitely some situations when you might not need a bipod (hunting thick timber enters your mind) however I such as to constantly have a bipod on my rifle for those "just in case" minutes.

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What goes into a high quality bipod.

There are a ton of choices available when it involves rifle bipods. Some are fine, some are excellent and also some are just about perfect.


Swivel layout with a locking bar

A rifle bipod for searching, in my opinion, needs to be able to cant back and forth to obtain the gun degree (having a bubble level on your riflescope is vital). As soon as the gun is level I then require to lock the bipod down tight. When I claim lock it down tight, I desire the capability to get rid of any play in the bipod for a strong base, but still have the capability to readjust the tension rapidly if I need to select the weapon up as well as relocate. This is one of the biggest factors I have actually been making use of a Sturdy Ridge Outdoor Gear Extreme Bipod given that 2017. Keep in mind: I'm still making use of the Gen 1 version, yet the Gen 2 variation has some wonderful enhancements!


Fluid leg length change

I've made use of other bipods in the past, however I was always discouraged at the pre-determined size the legs clicked out to. On those bipods, for me, the pre-determined size was generally not the right setting I needed. I haven't seen a place in the mountains that is perfectly degree, yet to get around this, you can always just readjust one bipod leg to a different length if needed..

These instances are why I like a bipod leg design that is fluid on the length as well as enables fast adjustment of a leg if needed. After that with that fluid size change, I'm also able to lock that length in position with one quick activity.

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For simpleness's sake, some people might favor just how quick it is to just pull a bipod leg and also have it secure right into little modifications. So relying on your usage situation, like everything, there are pros and cons to every that you need to consider. If you like a leg design similar to this, have a look at the Harris SBRM 6 to 9 inch and even the Harris S-LM 9 to 13 inch. Both of those provide you the capability to pivot as well as have locking leg lengths.

Include more length if required.

An additional fantastic attribute of a bipod is to include even more size if required. 90% of the time for my style of hunting a 7 to 10" bipod is excellent. But if you ever were to require more size, leg expansions are a wonderful option.

Rugged Ridge makes this easy with 2 different leg expansion alternatives. You are able to get 5.5 inch or 17.5 inch expansions. Note: these expansions will only collaborate with the Gen 2 bipod version due to different strings.


Extra on the length of a searching bipod later on ...

Ability to shoot high uphill shots and also downhill shots.

The majority of bipods on the marketplace can be used for a downhill or uphill shot. However a feature I truly like having is the capacity to revolve the bipod around for an uphill shot which then permits the claw feet to find into contact with the ground a little bit much more strong. This is all achieved by the ball as well as socket design that a bipod like Rugged Ridge has. Or you can additionally utilize this attribute with the bipod in a normal setting when shooting high downhill shots off a high cliff.

There hasn't been a great deal of scenarios where I've needed to turn my bipod around to take a steep uphill shot, however I have that function if I ever before require it.

Able to attach to a picatinny rail.

This might simply be an individual preference of mine, but I choose a bipod that attaches to my weapon with a picatinny rail. I commonly set up a 4" picatinny rail on my rifles and also muzzleloaders. This allows me some versatility on where I put my bipod as well as also offers me some flexibility to likewise include a pic rail install for my Magnetospeed Chronograph.

If you choose a bipod that affixes to a sling stud in the supply, after that by all means go that route. Either approach functions excellent.

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I have been in a terrible slump, after figuring out that while a certain product was well-liked and could definitely generate some coin, it did little for me in terms of personal  satisfaction.  I have decided to switch gears for my next project and indulge my more creative/artistic inclinations.  I have a small series of what I call Hidden Masks, but I have not paid enough attention to being "intentional". That is about to change.

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Putting my kiln back together so I can test some engobe recipes and some slip/ soda ash wash combos on some hanging planters. I had an infinite switch go on me. First electrical project, and first new designs I’ve tackled all year. It doesn’t sound like a lot but they feel pretty good.

Also, I just want to put it out there in the event that someone else is reading this, and feeling some sort of guilt about not being “productive enough.”  Rest is important to the creative process too, and you aren’t alone. I spent 2 months this year doing nothing in my business, because I couldn’t. Everyone has been going through it, and you deserve to cut yourself some slack. 


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Now that my hobby farm crops are all planted, I'll be spending more time building inventory for a pottery booth at the local farmer's market. That's right... pottery at the farmer's market and veggies at MY farm stand. Even though I will also be selling pottery at my stand, I know there will be more foot traffic exposure at the farmers' market, and with a booth cost of $35, just selling one or two pieces there will cover the cost of the booth...

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I am working on a new mural,  I am still in the design stage.   I have clay choices, glazes and design ideas whirling around in my head.   I worked in my shop a couple of days ago and had a really sore wrist the next day.  Still doing therapy,  I guess it was too early for working with heavy pieces.  I am going  to try it again today and wear a wrist guard.  We are in the middle of building a garage to store my husbands show cars in.   It is going to match our Spanish Mission house,  it is quite the project and expensive.   My husband wants to help build it but he would be in the way of the workers team, so he is working on fencing.   Sounds like everyone has a little chaos happening.  Denice

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Sending out Communion sets, figuring out the new kiln. getting a full size Bailey extruder, try some extruded birdhouse designs, clean out the gunk in the shop and organize it before I hit 80, test some new glazes and finally get back to throwing some fun pieces.




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my last few days should be a comedy movie.   tomorrow is set-up for a 3 day show.   i am not ready.  have only known about it for 2 months or so.   i will work the show on sunday so between set-up and sunday, i will NOT be available.   there must be an empty hottub somewhere.

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Another test in my ongoing project of getting a true photographically processed image on high fire.
The first pic shows exposed and processed image on bisque test slab.
I'm using Potassium Dichromate (yes, dangerous material) as a sensitizer mixed into gum arabic, and in this case manganese dioxide as the colorant. I cover it with a large negative from an image I shot of a tree. A six minute exposure in direct  midday sun causes the dichro to harden the gum, binding anything mixed in it. A strong spray of water removes any unexposed gum, leaving the positive image of the tree.

Cone 9 firing seems too high as the contrast is considerably diminished. This image is feeble but it's an informative test and I can make some adjustments.

My goal isn't just to put an image on piece. Many are already succeeding with that.
Whether the work is slab or thrown, I'm looking to create imagery that is integrated in the form of the finished work and that results in an engaging piece as a whole.  Early days in my quest.


2-Cone 9.jpg

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