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Ok something is going on this days  in a big way

Lumber prices up 300%

gasoline up a bunch as well as all things grocery

I raised my prices last fall as well 

That said the orders are rolling in like I have never seen before and thats saying something.

Looks like the public is buying up whatever ceramics they can get.

Get your item out there anyway you can . I think this is a coast to coast deal.

Summer is on and it looks to be a strong sales one for sure.

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big sale this weekend.   the entire guild did well, the cashiers were busy continually.   i cleaned and re-priced everything i took and brought back very little.   accounting will take a few days but i will  do better than i expected since i took only a fraction of what i normally have at this sale.   the location was miles from where it is usually held and we were at a fairgrounds under a huge carport with very little light .

all that in a weekend that was forecast to be cold, rainy and very windy.   they should have emphasized VERY WINDY.    for the first time i had a wind casualty, one $9 (last year's price, now $12) blew off the 4 foot high top shelf and hit the concrete.  the noise sounded as though the entire rack had come down.  total silence until the pieces were picked up and i identified one broken, purple, rooster coaster.   i visually learned the meaning of "smashed to smithereens".

and again learned the value of being in a co-operative guild.   as always, nobody left until everyone was finished packing up everything.   and that accounting will be done by the math experts.

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Just packed up my largest single wholesale order ever. Its only for 1/2 the year from this gallery. So Fall order should be huge as well.

I'm driving it south 4 hours next week on way for wifes thumb surgery appointment-two birds one trip thing.Going to see how many boxes fit in a newer Subaru Forester

Gallery had their best year in past 40 years as well.

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Posted (edited)

Spring sales are still way up and all outlets are selling more than usual . I finally have some backstock in mugs. I'm a bit worried that since my local outlets are doing so well and tourist season is just now getting under way gathering enough stock for a summer show will be harder than usual . My slow down plans for now are out the window.

Our tourist season is perdicted to be over the top this year and its starting now.

Get your wares into an outlet as the consumer is consuming in a big way now. 

One of my outlets was up 20% last year.

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