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I have a (well, actually two questions). First, I have a glaze that I really like, and that I have had for a long time. It is a modified glaze that I inherited (!), and I do not have the recipe. It is something between glossy and matte, and it has a nice green color, brown when applied thinly. I just have no idea how to try and decode and remake this glaze - does anyone have any idea on where to start? Does it look like a chrome glaze to you?

My second question is linked to the first one: when applied on porcelain (especially) the glaze gets the freckle effect as seen on the image. Does anyone know what this is or how to get this kind of effect in glazes generally?

Best wishes,


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1 hour ago, petrichor said:

Hello again, no, maybe not.

I just wondered, maybe just that effect or color was typical to one ingredient. But if not:

I do not have a name, the only thing I know is that it is red when liquid and that it fires to around 1220-1250 C. The crystals appear when it is fired at the highest temperature.

My suggestion, search Glazy for similar looks at cone 9/10 and see if you can find something close. From there you could modify that glaze to suit your aesthetic need. Determining what is in a glaze at what quantities is extremely expensive by lab testing.

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