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My husband is carving a block of marble, producing marble dust - as well as a sculpture! 

I am wondering if there is a clever use for the dust in ceramics.     

I've stuck some straight on to a test tile and am contemplating wedging some into a lump of clay.   

Has anyone perchance  got any experience or suggestions?

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So a quick google search suggests that marble starts its geologic life as calcite or limestone, but gets crystallized with heat and pressure. 
I have no idea how the crystallization process would affect its availability in a glaze melt, but there is this entry on Digitalfire for limestone. I was interested in the bit at the bottom of the page about what happened with the clay/limestone mix being fired to cone 6 and what happened when it got wet. 

That said, it may not behave like limestone, and tests could prove interesting. 

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Thank you, Callie, I knew marble is pressurised limestone but didn't think to look it up.  I have seen elsewhere some industrial experiments successfully incorporating marble dust into for eg roof tiles at 20%, so imagine the effect with limestone doesn't happen with marble.  Mostly I wondered how to use it to create an interesting surface texture and whether anyone has been doing this.

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