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Full soot inside the kiln

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Hello everyone.I am new to this forum and it is nice to see such a lovely place to share things. I want to be a part of it. 

I am working as a technical support engineer in Istanbul. The products we cover are kilns, wheels and other equipments. As my main interest is electrical problems, one of our customers has asked for help about this soot issue. She accidentally fired her kiln when she had forgot a cup which is filled with a little olive oil at the bottom of it. When she came back, the kiln was full of soot. The walls, the flue and everywhere was black. She asks what she can do to remove this layer from the walls without damaging the kiln insulation. Is there anybody experienced that situation before? Is there a certain method to get rid of this problem? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, neilestrick said:

The soot should all burn out if she fires it up hot enough. How hot did she go?  I would expect normal firing temps to burn it out.

Agree, but only if the kiln has enough fresh air flow throughout the kiln to convert the soot to gas;

said another way, lots of ventilation on next firing  in both the kiln and the kiln room! 

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Worth to try. She mentioned about some chemical solution to put in the kiln. She was even planning to sand the bricks inside. Of course I didn’t let her ruin the kiln.:) I will consider increased air flow. Thanks for these great answers. Will write back the results.

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Can't see why it won't just burn off.

All bung holes left open, well ventilated room. Would only be carbon really.

Is it an electric kiln? Just thgat you mention flue

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Yes it is an electric kiln. Saying the flue, I meant the upper wall of the kiln. Especially around the up ventilation hole, there wass a mass of soot hanging. I hope to solve this problem with the burning. Thank you. 

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