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Problems with the speed of my wheel

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I have a shimpo RK 55 which is pretty new. I’m here because I seem to have a problem. When the wheel turns at a lower speed it slows down with the slightest amount of pressure. Happens while pulling too. I’ve used other RK 55 wheels and haven’t had such a problem. Is this normal? If it isn’t, what can I do about this? 



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Hi Amitha!

I believe that model is belt driven, and isn't a particularly powerful wheel, likely toward the low end in sustained torque potential, but still very serviceable? From what I've read, strong enough for smaller pieces, perhaps up to 2000 grams or so, but even then, requiring some patience for centering and big pulls, particularly with stiff clays.

Any road, if you're experiencing a marked difference from your wheel and others of same specification and model, try checking the condition of the belt and the belt tension - any slippage there? Belt slipping is often accompanied by unique sounds - perhaps squealing of the belt on the pulley, but not always, and subtle variation of motor noise as it relates to the rotation speed of the wheel, for if the belt slips, the motor turns faster, eh?

If there's no slippage, can you throttle the power to keep the wheel speed up - is there more umph available? If so, the controller may have an adjustment for that - some of the boards have provision to compensate for load in order to maintain rotational speed.

Other forum readers who have direct experience with your model might chime in later...

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It sounds like a loose belt.  If I remember correctly you tighten the belt by taking of the splash pan and loosening the 4 bolts underneath the wheel head just a bit, then a spring tensioner will adjust the tension.  Tighten the bolts back down and you should be good to go.  Be sure not to take the bolts all the way out, just loosen them so the tensioner can engage.  There's probably a description of the process in the owner's manual.

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