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Hello All:

I have a studio in a basement below ground and have to pump slurry up from my utility sink up 8feet and out to septic. I am looking for a solution for effectively trapping slurry from tool and hand washing between the sink and the septic tank. I used to have a sump pump in a sealed container but that got blocked with clay over time in the drainpipe from the sink and around the sump pump. 
I'm looking for suggestions from your experience for capturing clay without clogging my septic. Suggestions and ideas are requested

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Hi Bernie!

I'm washing up with a bucket and sponge. Typically, two buckets: one is at the wheel (1 gallon size), and it's somewhere between just cleaned and very filthy; the other is on the counter by the door, typically clear or almost clear water in that one (2 gallon - very handy size, that). The former is throwing water and all the tools get washed off there, also hands, the wheel, bats...; the latter is for rinsing off hands before eating, adjusting the sound, answering the phone, leaving the studio...

The contents do settle. I keep the sludge for next reclaim session; the clear water off the top either gets re-used for clean up or watering in the yard.

I'm not retaining any sludge from floor clean up; if the dirt has settled, I'll pour off the clear to reuse for mopping. The dirt/sludge goes in the yard, splash.

Perhaps not for you? We're on septic as well; although there's a utility sink a few steps away from the studio, it sees no clay.

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Thanks Folks.
That’s what I was doing before I went to a sump  pump.  We seem to use a fair amount of water and I always create an excess amount of slurry from my hands and in the pan.  
I was told that hooking up a Gleko unit below my utility sink would function in a similar way. Any experience with a product like this one?



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I had studio in a basement once,  it had a small sink in a low cabinets.   I could only fit a  5 gal bucket under it,  I put 2 plastic dividers in it so there would be be three settling areas.  The first one had the hole towards the top,  this was the section the sink drain tube went into.   The next hole was a little further down on the divider,  the last settling area had a PVC pipe that was glue in towards the top of the bucket.  I ran this pipe over to a floor drain,   I would check it by running some of the water into a clear glass,   if it was getting some residue in the water it was time to dump the bucket.   I use the same type of system in my new studio but it has a sump pump,  Like everyone else I had a dish pan to wash my hands in,  I would let it settle over night and dump the clear water into the bucket and throw away the rest of the slurry.  I had this bucket for 13 years in my old studio and 11 years in my current studio.   We had our sewer cleaned once,  they said our sewer was really clean inside,  it was being blocked by a huge root on the city side of the connection.  It seems like the people who are happy with the Gleko unit are low water users.  Denice

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(those who are happy with the Gleko unit are low water users.)

I think this is very true. Go with a better pump out system  taking the water into an outside setting tub then its a non issue. A cheap plastic laundry sink could work great.


PS I am on a septic system

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