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I know I would need to at least bisque before using, but do they need vitrified too before using? I am using under a bisque pot being glaze fired to cone 6. I have heard all sorts of horror stories about how fluid Amaco's Adventurine is, so just trying to play it safe until I learn how much it runs. (And of course I got ahold of about 15 other new glazes and would rather waste a little clay making cookies as I play with my new colors).

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I'm convinced the best cookies for this are cut soft brick.  I use a bandsaw with a shop vac attachment, because as previously noted I'm a tool geek.  Cut on a bandsaw, they're perfectly even and absorb glaze really well.  They're easy to grind off if needed.  Without the joy of tools, a hacksaw and some patience will net a box full.  They can be reused indefinitely.  At least until they perform the glaze soak function.  Most any old softbrick will cut into nice cookies.  Don't need to use new ones, just have hoarder friends with piles they'll never use.


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1 hour ago, kre8ivLizard said:

I know I would need to at least bisque before using,

Actually they don't need to be bisqued first. If the cookie/waster slab is bone dry and the beginning of the glaze firing isn't ridiculously fast then greenware is fine. Very little shrinkage between bone dry greenware and it's bisqued measurements.

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