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AH, HA!!!

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 At last I can report some success here with my cantankerous converted kiln. After many alterations and dismal test fires, I can finally say I'm enjoying smooth sailing with even temps right now. Initially, during my test fire today, the bottom level just lagged behind the top level. No matter WHAT I did with the damper. So. , I VERY carefully added more height to my stack during mid-fire, and it worked! 

I know the new addition looks like crap, but I'm so happy right now and looking forward to making the extra height look as pretty as the rest of it! 



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oh, yes that is a wooden beam. I have cut it away. I do realize that the chimney is kinda close to the ceiling., I keep a fan on it and I monitor it with a infrared heat gun. It does not get hotter than 130*f

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