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Coyote white glaze

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I have a new evenheat kiln and just mixed my first batch of coyote white cone 5-6 glaze. I’m running a test glaze kiln tomorrow but am conflicted on what schedule I should use. In the past I’ve used the preprogrammed cone 6 and have tested 10 hours and 13 hours with a very short soak at the top. Coyote recommends cone 5 with a 30 minute soak, I assume to get close to cone 6 but not over fire. My question is how long of a fire would you recommend? I have the preprogrammed options of 7 hours, 10, or 13. I’m worried about pinholes so my instinct is 10 or 13 hours but that would be a slower ramp up. Any advice for coyote glazes?

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Hopefully someone will chime in here that uses Coyote glazes, but generally speaking it can take a few firings to get clay and glaze and loading dialled in for the way your kiln fires. If Coyote recommends cone 5 + a 30 minute soak then I would do that first using the med firing speed. I'ld also put a few cone packs in the kiln, bottom, middle and top shelves. BTW pinholes can be from the glaze not smoothing out but often they are from an improper bisque, especially with dark claybodies.

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