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What is the best clay to make planter pots?

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My adult grandson wants to make some planter pots and we were wondering if we should use terracotta clay or if we could use some of the clay I already have that fires to cone 6.  I don't think he wants to glace the pots and he will probably make them using coils or maybe learn to throw them on the wheel.

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1 hour ago, Barbsbus 4 fun said:

What is the difference between a slow glace fire and a fast fire?  

the difference is if the slow fire is used then the clay will most likely have a temperature profile similar to the bisque firing plus the firing to the final temperature. 

on single firing the time from start to the regular bisque temperature needs to be equal to a bisque firing time; then the temperature rise to the final temperature -- cone 6 in your case -- can be as fast as you can get there without thermal stress cracking of ware.  The standard fast fire schedule is based on the ware having a separate bisque firing.  The bisque temperature rise is slower because the ware needs more time to "burn out" the non-ceramic materials in the ware.      


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