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I looked into something like this a while back as I wanted to print my astronomy pictures on some of my pottery, but in the process I found, the printer is 15k and you have to use some proprietary commercial glaze formula for the picture to print on it, then bake at 1000f.

 I could not find any source that would print on my mug, for any cost.

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A local painter provides high res image files to a service provider (in the Five Cities area) that has equipment to create fired on transfers.

The painter has them fired on ceramic square tiles - the result, marketed as a trivet (withstanding "up to 400F") and/or wall hanging sold very well at an event I participated in ...I'm not finding the service provider, however, am finding a few other local painters that offer similar trivet type reproduction of their paintings - the process cost may be reasonably priced, for the trivets I'm seeing retail $26-30.

Any road, will keep an eye out for the painter, and ask about the process and provider (again - I forgot the name).

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