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Old Gummy Sodium Silicate okay for Magic Water?

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My Magic Water is finally used up. I think my 2 pints lasted for 15 years!  Time to make more. My sodium silicate is thick and gummy, not a liquid. It will probably dissolve in hot water, but do you think it is okay for magic water?  have soda ash powder, and hope I don't need to buy new sodium silicate.



This is really a question, not a reply! Should I start a new one?

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This depends on whether you can get it to dissolve.  It's quite difficult once it goes hard, usually needs some aide like hot lye (sodium hydroxide) which dissolves silica.

If it dissolves it will be fine, if not, get some new stuff because hot lye is dangerous and sodium silicate is cheap

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10 hours ago, Callie Beller Diesel said:

According to this, you can just flush it, or throw it out. 


This is helpful and I should have looked it up myself.  Cleaning the work area today and now that's one more thing that can go away.


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