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Spring demand is way up

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I have noticed that my outlets are selling out inventory at rapid rates this late winter and early spring. Seems to be up in most venues. It feels like the pent up demand is taking off. I'm a bit worried about the supply side (me making more than usual). Anyone notice this in your area?

Every kiln load goes away within a few weeks. Its mugs ,glasses, bowls ,soap dishes and sponge holders the most

This area needs another potter or two who are willing to do production work.

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Spring orders are rolling in (wholesale) and local sales are at a all time high min some venues. I had the best 1st quarter at one market almost tied the 4th quarter at same market.

This summer looks to be a strong one with local tourists . Last year we had more tourists than normal; and this year we all think there will be more with current situtaion with shots in arms happening now.

By fall shows may be back as well. My slow down schedule has taken a beating-I need a new plan

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Working on huge simi annual gallery wholesale order now and it up over last years order same period. Local shops are selling more volume still .I'm a bit worried aboiut getting enough wares for a show on top of local sales . Never been like this with demand way up. Only one shop is down  this year and they are still closed 3 days a week and only open 11-4 the other 4 days.

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