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I'm keen to try burnishing paper clay for Raku firing at around 1852 f

I have some pieces that I have made using paper clay that I have made from local clay collected from a nearby beach that has quite a bit of salt in it - I have two batches, one that I have rinsed , dried and re-constituted  and the other from raw clay that has not been rinsed 

I've noticed that when I scrape the surface of the pieces, there is a shine that is begging to come forth! - I might just continue-on with burnishing with a pebble I collected from the same beach to see if the surface comes up to shine but I've been looking at making Terra Sigillata and wondering whether it would be best to use the same paper clay in the mix or if it might work to use an earthenware clay in the recipe better?

Has anyone tried working an earthenware clay slip / glaze effect into a paper clay body?

Many thanks 

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37 minutes ago, Callie Beller Diesel said:

 it would go better if you started with the clay minus the paper pulp. 


When the paper burns away it will undoubtedly lessen the surface smoothness. Paper clay has some wonderful attributes but I don't think use with terra sig or burnishing come to the fore.

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You might just forgo using the stone you picked up at the beach and get one that has been polished smooth. I've tried the smooth beach stones before and found that although they look smooth, they are still somewhat porous and don't give you the real shine you get with a polished stone. 

Something I have thought about experimenting with  are glazed pieces of different shapes to fit various contours on pots that I just can't get with stones...

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