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Pacifica 400 wheel needs new belts after many years of use. and kiln may need elements?

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there are 4 round rubber belts.  one of them fell off a year ago but i did not replace them at that time.   now i am ready to do so but cannot remember exactly where to get the replacements.    and wonder if someone with the experience has any suggestions for something else i might do now  since i will be doing the belts.  i am not aware of any problems and continued to use the wheel after the one belt fell off.   what should i look for?

probably need elements this year for my L&L 23T kiln from 2002.  they were replaced twice since then and i bought relays the first time just in case.   the relays are still wrapped in the packing materials they came in.   wouldn't hurt to use them this time, i guess.   will look at the thermocouples and clean the tubes out, might even need them by now.   will need bigger screws to hold the box onto the kiln side wall but should i get anything else?

first show is may 2, mother's day.

maybe when it is all dis-assembled, i can get the tiled plywood "floor" installed under the kiln so it stops sinking into the dirt floor of the kiln room!  woohoo!

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The belts come directly from Laguna.  Replace all 4 and keep any that have no cracks when you bend them as spares.  The wheel will run perfectly fine with 3 belts, but is noticeably under powered when centering more than about 15 lbs of clay.

There really is no good upgrade for the belts such as changing both pulleys and using a V belt.  In order to get torque from a small motor, the drive pulley is as small as possible and the driven pulley as large as practical.  The drive pulley on the Pacifica is only about 3/4".  I couldn't find a V belt pulley anywhere close to that.

I always get my electric kiln work done by the local pros.  Can't help you there.

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thank you!   will order them now if laguna is open.   not centering 15 pounds anymore.   do not use the wheel much these days, only empty bowls.  i guess 2 sets of belts since 1972 is pretty good, now to convince one of my handy neighbors to actually do the belts when they arrive.

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  • oldlady changed the title to Pacifica 400 wheel needs new belts after many years of use. and kiln may need elements?

For the kiln, make sure the larger sheet metal screws are stainless steel. Also, I keep a package each of 10-24 stainless nuts and #10 stainless washers and an extra or two 1 3/4" 10-24 stainless bolts in my kiln parts box in case any of the nuts and bolts for the terminal connections have corroded or the threads have been buggered. FWIW, around here the big blue box has a better selection of stainless nuts and bolts than the big orange box.

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The a c e near us has a decent selection as well.

Was just shopping replacement fasteners for the steel doors we're restoring; each door needs forty screws, four doors. A bit of looking, found an online source where each is less than a dime, vs. fifty-five cents each at local supplier.

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after a very trying and infuriating discussion yesterday with someone who is a "tech" at laguna, i finally called today and ordered my belts.  sounded like a kid who started yesterday.    the belts are on the way. 

hulk, i have an ace fairly near, just over the river a few miles.   however, i have not measured the last screws i used.  i will undo one of them and take it to somewhere that can identify it.  then order the next bigger one online if you would please give me the name of the firm you used.   thanks

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Will do, have to find my notes ...many vendors' minimum count is more than we needed.


Ah, try Albany County Fasteners; they have a good rate on 100 pieces (of the stainless screws we need); the other vendors I found had higher minimum.

Albany County Fasteners | Nuts, Bolts, Hardware & More

You might try Grainger, also McMaster Carr...

Edit 1-APR-21

Placing order now @oldlady, aforementioned Albany County Fasteners, 10-24 3/4" stainless button head screws, $3 for 25, $8 for 100, each price $0.25 - we need fifty for one door  (glad I recounted, heh), also six 3/8" for the lock panel, hence worth paying shipping, an' all... Given they fit just so, will then order up for the other three door (five light channel steel - thin frame) restorations.


A tip on them, if ever, drill a hole from the bottom outside edge of the up facing channels, out the outside frame, so moisture can drain - better a washway stain than the damage bein' always wet does.

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3 hours ago, oldlady said:

oh, right.  minimum orders.  forgot about those.   thank you,  i think my ace will do just fine, or maybe the tractor supply.

Ace will have stainless screws of whatever size you need, in whatever quantity you need. I've got one across the street from my shop and I use them for stainless hardware all the time.

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