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Using angle grinder to remove glaze from a kiln shelf?

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On 9/3/2021 at 3:16 PM, neilestrick said:

You can cut that type of shelf easily with a masonry cutting disc on a circular saw. Or for small cuts a masonry cutting disc on an angle grinder.

Hi Neil, Thanks for the cutting advice. We (actually my husband) successfully cut the shelf and I love it because  now, with the cut-out,  I can easily work around the thermocouple and get more in my little kiln. YAY!

BUT... I just opened the kiln after a glaze fire using the cut shelf for the first time and wonder if I should have sealed or done something special to the cut edge before using in.  Several pieces have what look like bits of kiln shelf stuck in the glaze :( and now I worried about using it.  Is there anything I ought to do to that cut edge to prevent this from happening again?

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