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Hi there. 


I have bought this glaze :

https://www.potterycrafts.co.uk/Products/potterycrafts-stoneware-glazes/P2813 (firing range 1180 - 1250 degrees C). 


I have applied it to stoneware clay that I bisque fired at:


I have been doing this for bisque:
Section 1 - room -> 600 at 90 degree per hour
Section 2: 600 - 1000 at 200 per hour
Could anyone reccomend a firing schedule in degrees celcius per hour for me? I use an electric kiln. Will I need a soak or anything?
Thank you, 
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Here are some tried and true for bisque and glaze to cone 04 and cone 6 respectively. The temperatures in red are whole number equivalents to the degrees f. These schedules are built into the Bartlett controllers and have been used for many years on many many many kilns. The medium speed schedules are probably the most popular for normal wares.

That should give you a start.


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If ware is dry, I have successfuly fired for years using

1. 50C /hr to 100C

If not sure of really dry ware

Hold at 100C for 15mins

100C to 600

150C to end temp 

If kiln uneven , hold 10mins.

Some folk hold around 700C to burn off stuff. Your clay may not need this.

If thicker ware, slow down lower rate of rise.

If densely tumbled packed kiln use a slower rate of  firing initially too with longer hold at 100C

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