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What to do with pedal when converting to a standing/tabletop wheel?

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So, after 10 years of using other people's wheels, I am finally going to get my own. I am only 23 but throwing already hurts my back when I am on it too long so I want to get one that I can eventually use standing up. My question is: when you raise your wheel to the right height for standing, isn't the electrical cord on the pedal too short to reach the floor? (I do want to use my foot to control it rather than having it next to the wheel head.) How have you guys dealt with this? Is it even possible to have it reach the floor? Should I just buy a wheel with a really long pedal cord? If so, any suggestions for models that have that?

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32 minutes ago, Hailey said:

How have you guys dealt with this?

If you are handy and it does not reach, extend the pedal wire by replacement with a longer wire or extending the existing using mating connectors is fairly easy. Many pedal wires are fairly decent length so if lucky, you will not need to.

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It should reach just fine. You'll only be raising it up about 18 inches. I keep my pedal up on the wheel and control it with my hand. I tried keeping it on the floor, but I found it to be very uncomfortable to keep my foot on the pedal when standing, and much quicker and easier to make adjustments by hand. It's a different way of throwing, though, if you're used to keeping your foot on the pedal and making lots of speed adjustments as you throw. It doesn't take long to get used to. I set the top speed  on mine so that I can just push the pedal all the way down and have the correct speed for centering most pots- all but the larger pieces that need a slower speed. Then I just make one speed adjustment when I start pulling and I'm good to go.

You can just use cinder blocks to raise it up, or get custom cut legs, or build yourself a stand. 



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