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I am interested in Your input...

I want to tile my bathroom myself, using tiles I created with molds. So the tiles created MUST be WATER PROOF! Firing the green ware using a home kiln, using my 110v house hold run wiring. Finally after firing to bisque, glazing to fire. I live in a townhouse so extra venting or drilling is not possible. I know this venture is going to take forever unless Covid takes me. 

What kind of kiln? How and why. 
I use to help my mom when she use to do ceramics. Way back with cones and giant kilns. So not what I want nor need

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Hi Dis!

Should be a fun project.

I've just done tiling at our own houses - a few floors, backsplashes, fireplace surround, counters, shower. For how much trouble tear out, build up, tile set, grout, seal (depending), and finish is, I want a tile that will hold up and be easy to clean.

Anywhere there's foot traffic I want a commercial floor rating; we've done porcelain tile, which doesn't cut quickly - trade off on tough and durable.

Your questions

    For waterproof, very low absorption clay, fired to maturity. Grout isn't waterproof, so the tar paper, membrane, hot mop, or whatever you're using should be A-1.

    For kiln, big enough such you're good with the number of firings required to make all your tile. In 110v, your choices may be limited. How many amps do you have available?

Any road, electric might be simpler, and capable of mid fire, I'd think, cone 5/6. A cone 10 capable kiln gives you more flexibility, more practical, cost effective (elements last longer).

I wouldn't fire - bisque or glaze - in a living space, with or without dedicated venting.

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You're going to be very limited with only using a 110V outlet, like a kiln that will only hold maybe 4 tiles. Are we talking floor tile or wall tile?

Is it a 20 amp outlet or only 15 amps? That's going to be the deciding factor on whether this is possible at all, or if it's just going to take a really long time.

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