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Best glaze for planters?

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Cone 10 stoneware here.  I don't glaze the inside of planters either.  I know potters that also specialize in planters for xerophytes (cactus and succulents primarily) who do glaze the inside.

For most house plants, I still wouldn't glaze the interior.  It's actually a complicated subject.  A lot of ins, outs and what have yous.  The soil mix is going to have more to do with the water retention that the inside surface of the pot.

To me the number one reason is I can stack another pot inside for the glaze fire.  Very economical.  Also no wasted glaze.

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sheryl, any glaze will do if it fits the body and does not have crackling.   some glaze near the top of the interior makes it look better than leaving the entire inside unglazed.  that band of glaze serves as a more pleasing visual if it runs down as far as the dirt holding the plant.   totally unglazed will develop a dirty look fairly quickly.

btw,  your location does not have to identify your house but at least a state so people know you are in the US and do not send you out to buy something in london, paris, etc if you ask a question.

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21 hours ago, oldlady said:

any glaze will do if it fits the body and does not have crackling. 

Have you had problems with crackles and outdoors? Breaking off problems?

I have been worried about these crackled outdoor planters.



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