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when do I stop giving credit, and start claiming it's my glaze?


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I made my first glazes this week.  All recipes came from glazy.  One of them I really liked but wanted to make changes to it.  This is the original:

 Silica 30

Whiting 30

Epk 25

Ball clay 15

100 base

Hardwood ash 10

Rutile 6

Green nickle oxide 0.8

Cobalt carbonate 0.75


First, I substituted volcanic ash for the hardwood ash (because that is what I had on hand).  Then I made several test pieces with different amounts of ash.  Then I started playing with the Silica, Whiting, and epk proportions.   

So, my question is, when do I stop giving someone else credit for the recipe?  I get that there is no exact "change two things by 5%" formula.  But I  want to give credit where it is due.  Opinions?

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One of my favorite recipes is taken from John Brit's high fire book. It has gone through at least 6 versions over the last 4 years. The only thing that remains iirc is the amount of calcium.

Despite extensively reworking the glaze to suit my liking I will continue to credit the source.

Someone let me carry on the work and it feels right to admit as much, no matter how distant the outcome.

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I remade a glaze that is pretty different from the original glaze when I first started making glazes, it is the glaze that I use on all my work. It pretty much is completely different in chemicals, however I still credit the original creator by leaving some parts of the name in the glaze. The original glaze was called Folk Art White. I call my version Folk Fireborn White. I feel like there is nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due, and it isn't like we are selling glaze anyways so its nice to remember the people who gave us a place to start.

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