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Best "filler" sellers. 1 1/2 inch wonders.

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Snowed in with time to make every inch count. My daughter started talking about incense holders and I found this to be a great item for the 1.5x8 inch spaces created by my posts. 

Do you have a filler that doubles as a seller?

I am in the process of upping my items per kiln. I figure if I have 32 pots in a 16 hour firing, I'm adding 30 minutes to each pot. I'd like to get that number down to 20 or 10 more minutes per pot.

Figured I'd share some doodles to filling my 10x20 Rectangle shelves. I figured 2in for the 1.5inch posts.


Incense holders. I'm trying to get my daughter to make these, if they sell at $15 the profit is huge for an eleven year old!



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sorce, make a cat head for her out of a round cookie cutter.   just ears poking up from an oval shape.   she can put a tiny nose and press a pencil eraser into the ears just to make a small indentation in each.  a stylus line for a mouth and she can sell these easily.  birds sell rapidly, too.  touch of color on the beak, dots from a cotton swab dipped in colored glaze on the breast and the young people love them.   these are where stroke & coat colors  come into their own.

don't leave them flat, press a round soup spoon into the center of each one and the edges come up to make a tiny bowl.   work that out with her and let her go. 

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