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Question about pug mills and corrosion-BACHO

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B-mix is a white stoneware not a porcelain so my guess is no issues

You could PM glazenerd as he is the expert on bodies

The issues are with low fire talc bodies and Porcelain bodies 

This machine is a straight pugmill only not a mixer/pugmill like Petter puggers or others

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@BACHO I discovered through help in the forum that long term storage of B-mix in an aluminum pug mill can cause corrosion where it pulls out salts and the aluminum reacts. Apparently it is a reaction with the Neph syn. I was told by the people at Peter Pugger that as long as it is mixed pretty regularly and continuously refreshed with new clay it shouldn't be an issue. However, they mentioned that cleaning every 2 or 3 months is not a bad idea.

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My guess is the b-mix with Neph syn is mid range B mix you are talking about as its there  as a flux. Like talc in low fire bodies does the same thing to aluminum.

My VPM30  Peter pugger was used by high school  with low fire body and is pitted -not terrible. I use high fire porcealain in it now and never clean it.


Some day maybe I'll need a new barrel. I recencly bought a VPM  20 stainless machine used and will use another porcealain body in thatsmaller machine (high fire)

I think the pitting issue is worse with low fire and some mid range clays. I have never seen or fely any aluminum in my clay.

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