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Garage studio - How to compensate for a sloped garage floor

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I am setting up a studio for hand building in the garage. The floor is slightly sloped.  Two questions: 

Does the slope affect the pieces being fired in a Skutt 822 kiln sitting on this floor?

What are the best approaches to setting up a level work surface?  

Thanks for your input.   


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Likely not, but level the kiln no point in having gravity constantly tugging on one side of you pots. Any decent shim stock or pad that is reasonably sturdy and permanent. You could always install leveling feet on the bottom of your kiln stand then leveling it anywhere it might go is a breeze.


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congrats, susan on being able to build what you want.   i have a studio in a garage and understand exactly what you mean.   if you are handbuilding on a table that you build, you can adjust the height of the legs at one end so they are a little lower than the uphill end.   make sure to mark the legs and  floor for exactly where the legs go so when you wash the floor or do any other moving you keep the shorter legs up.   some day you might want to change things around.

actually, the slope in my floor goes over 30 feet from up to down and i hardly notice it.   but my wheel is never going to be moved because i have it level now.

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Kilns do not have to be perfectly level. If it's an extreme slope then you may want to shim it enough to get it close, but in general it's not going to affect the performance of the kiln in any way. The typical drainage slope of a garage floor is nothing to worry about. Most important is that the kiln sits evenly and can't rock. If it can rock, that means the floor will flex when the weight of the work is loaded in it, which can cause cracking in the kiln floor slab. I use pieces of aluminum sheet metal to even out the feet. First get it sitting evenly with just the floor slab on the stand, then check it and adjust it after each section of the kiln is added. 

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Garage floors ought to be sloped and are usually 1/8” to 1/4” per foot under most codes for the last 20 years or so along with the requirement to pour a gas containment curb along the perimeter. For a two to three foot stand leg distance (side to side and diagonal) you might find your floor dips 1/4” to 1/2” or even more depending how true the screed work was. IMO- reasonably level your kiln after you give it its happy home.

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