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Starting New Studio, Worried About Past Exposure To Silica Dust and Silicosis

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Hey everyone!
I used to have a very small scale ceramic studio where I made ceramics for about 6 years full time. I was pretty lax with my cleaning so I am worried about developing silicosis. For the last 3 years of my practice I wore a proper mask with changeable filters full time. I wasn't mixing clays, but I mixed small amounts of glaze but used mostly pre-made commercial wet glazes. Still though, I was young and could have done a MUCH better job in regards to cleaning and it was definitely a bit dusty at times.
I am now starting ceramics again full time in a new studio. I aim to keep it pristine and will only be producing small slab work pieces. 
Is 6 years full time exposure to clay dust a cause for concern? Most information I find online is from construction which seems like a very different ballgame.

Thanks so much!

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Unless we're counting nose hairs, no two people will have the same results.

Take precautions but don't worry, worry leads to stress and stress is the opening these problems capitalize on, not gaps in mask wearing.

You ever see where kids get into the flour when left unnatended?

Just don't do that with your dry materials and you'll be ok!


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