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Scarva Professional Black Clay bodies

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The Scarva Professional Black stoneware bodies (PF 660/70/80) are quoted as “not suitable for making domestic tableware”. Does anyone know why this is by any chance? Toxicity, or some other reason? Is this the same for all black stoneware bodies, or just these ones?



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Safety Data Sheet for those claybodies here, lists the manganese at between 2-5% which is a heck of a lot. Fumes from firing this clay would need to be extremely well vented. No, not all black bodies use high levels of manganese to make black. Stained bodies (expensive) or using burnt umber to stain would be far safer to use. Umber does contain manganese but to get a dark body the % of manganese (from the umber) is less than using the crowbar method of loading up the manganese alone. 

I'ld ask Scarva why they don't recommend it for dinnerware, it would be interesting to hear what they say. 


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