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How to make horsehair raku blue

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Google underglaze and pick a color they can be thinned and applied as a wash as well as any level of solid color. Underglazes are colorant, clay, maybe some frit and something added for brush-ability. Colorants can be oxides but are often stains. It’s fairly difficult to make your own using stain, clay, etc......  most folks just use a commercial underglaze.

here is one vendor: https://www.amaco.com/t/glazes-and-underglazes/underglaze/velvet-underglaze/velvet-underglazes

There are many others.

The work below is underglaze and is shown as an example of the ability to wash or water color effect to varying degrees.


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6 hours ago, Catsnot pottery said:

Would the underglaze be made from mason stain?

Extremely likely from ceramic stains, depends which brand the underglaze is made from. Might be Mason might be another stain manufacturer.

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This technique using burnished slip might be of interest

A Colorful Variation on the Naked Raku Technique

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