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Help with surface imperfections , more frit?

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I've been struggling with this glaze for a while. Firing to cone 7-8 in reduction with speckled stoneware. I'm aiming for a silky matt smooth surface, which happens occasionally and on small test tiles. 


The worst example shows the base of bowl, it's like the iron in the clay is poking out, surface feels almost like sandpaper. There's lots of very tiny pinhole / bubbles - not sure how you'd describe them.

I seem to get better results where I think the tests were hotter ( inside of dish), but I can still see some similar surface imperfections. 

I'm going to try more 3134 next time, and maybe more soda feldspar and less Wollastonite in case the high calcium is a problem. 

It does seem like there is a lot of frit already for this cone though? 

Any ideas welcome please. 



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not the answer you are looking for, just a suggestion.   the bottom and side of your bowl meet at a sharp angle.   when trimming, running a soft rubber rib over that sharp edge will push the grog back into the clay so it will be softer on your furniture and less likely to scratch.

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