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Starting a home studio- looking for used equipment.

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Hi Miriam!

Your new wheel head has some scratches as well! 


Shimpo describes the wheel head as "...light alloy casting..." - likely an aluminum alloy, that is, not ferrous, hence the discoloration you are seeing not rust (the red scaly stuff we see on iron and some steels), perhaps a stain? Expect your wheel head to show signs of use as time goes on - as long is stays flat and true, and your bat pins (if you use them) aren't wobbly, go 'head on!

Aluminum (and alloys of) will "rust" - however, the result is light/white fluffy stuff. Looks good so far! 


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Thanks! I never paid much attention to the wheel heads at the studios I joined but I guess some wear and tear is expected! Scratches are probably from the paint scraper I use to get the excess clay off the wheel. I should probably get a plastic one. I throw on it once or twice a week- wish I had more time to throw but I have a 7 month old!

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