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ISO Pedal Powered Pottery Wheel - NY/PA area, not limited to the area.

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If it’s the bicycle powered pottery wheel, it says it is home made and the text below provides the creators name to which he says he has plans. Looks like a fair bit of wobble, if you make one yourself probably good to make sure everything is very, very square, straight, flat and true as they say. Most production wheels are very true to within thousandths of an inch. Most of the construction appears to be welded so maybe the creator has a bolt together solution. The frame appears extremely heavy so shipping it or even moving it might be a bit of a chore.

I would definitely add a foot rest for safety so you don’t snag your feet when getting off. I would definitely try this out first, might be tough on the hips as well. I would suggest test driving it first to see if it suites you.

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Great concept, but definitely needs some adjustments. Both the flywheel and the wheel head have too much wobble. It would also be nice if the wheel head was lower, closer to hip level, as that will give you better leverage. A wider flywheel would have more momentum and spin longer. And add some foot rests out to the sides.

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