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Alternative uses for Kiln

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Hi All,

We had our top loader electric kiln serviced today and the technician asked if we’d ever cooked a pizza in it... we haven’t... but apparently it’s excellent at doing it according to him.

It got me wondering and pondering about any other alternative uses for kilns aside from pottery.

A quick google suggested glass fusing, though it’s not optimal set up.

Any other suggestions? Just curious on these long dark lockdown nights in the uk

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No food in the kiln.  The kiln picks up vaporized heavy metals while firing and these can transfer to food.

Glass slumping, metal clay, annealing blown glass, tempering knives are all things I've seen kilns used for.  Good for calcining glaze ingredients as well

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Definitely never use it for food. Not safe at all.

Glass fusing and slumping can be done in pottery kilns just as easily as glass kilns. Depending on the piece, you may have to alter the firing schedule, but it's very easy to do in pottery kilns, and you can fit a lot more pieces since you're not relying on one element in the lid.

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Alternative uses for electric kilns?

Trash can

storage can-spy plugs in

wine cellar-spy plugs left in

Cremation business-kiln vent recommended

Fireworks storage container-plugs left in

 self cleaning catbox -fire when full and cycle starts over-I highly suggest a vent system for this use. 

room heater-lid open

gas conversion kiln-cut the cord

More later as i have to get back to throwing

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20 hours ago, Mark C. said:

 self cleaning catbox -fire when full and cycle starts over-I highly suggest a vent system for this use. 

Seems to work for some
A clowder of cats moved into the kiln during the fall/winter of 2005. Quite literally. I had left the sutema open from the 5th firing and they decided it made good living quarters. I've since built them some high up cat houses and ramps but I've left a little opening for them to get into the kiln. They love it in there so much, I can't refuse them. Besides, the kiln god was first to care for them, I'm sure they all want to visit with each other from time to time.

Many pix at@ http://www.anagama-west.com/anagama/neko/neko_01.php



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