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Used Cress Kiln Home Studio Questions

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Hi All! 

I have had an old used Cress B-18-H 240Volt Kiln that I bought some time ago and never turned it on because frankly I didn't know what I was doing. NOW I have a garage and an electrician ready to hook this baby up but there is still a lot to learn. My number one question right now is ventilation because the garage it will be fired in has a car in it most of the time, it's a two car garage and the car is covered, however it raises concerns. It doesn't appear to be "vent ready" for a Cress Clean Air Exhaust System (I'll post pictures) but I wouldn't know what that looks like anyways because there was no example I could find online. I found a tutorial on youtube for drilling a few holes in the top and bottom and installing an Environment 2 made by Skutt to the bottom and out a window. My question is really if I can go the youtube route with the Environment 2 on my Cress kiln?  It seems easier and something I could reuse on another kiln in the future. 

Any advice would help! Thank you!


IMG_7219 (1).jpg

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Envirovent works fine and so does any other brand (Orton, Bailey, L&L).  Installation can be the bottom or side of the bottom and most folks find they do not need to drill holes through the top as most kiln lids have plenty of opening already around the lid. Down drafts will not remove the heat of the kiln so the garage will get very warm and likely will require you open the door or ventilate someway during firings. There are kiln hoods to remove off gassing AND much of the heat of the firing. Vent a kiln is one such, and they have videos on the web as well. Some folks have both to remove the heat and the downdraft to insure oxidation keeping their colors as bright as practical.

All options above are good IMO with both being the best.

If you have a gas fired appliance in your garage you will need to ensure there is adequate makeup air (outdoor air) for the appliance and any vent(s) installed.

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