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Half Shelves on Top of Full Shelves

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When I have a full shelf with 1/2 above I will use 4 stilts that will allow the full shelf to sit flat. Then above that I can add 1/2 shelves and have the stilts line up.

It can be a pain to have the 4 stilts work to have the shelf stable. I will check to see if my stilts are close to the same length, exchanging 2 posts beside each other or sometimes rotating the full shelf helps stop the rocking if you are close.

In a glaze fire I usually get the full shelf supporting flat then remove and load the shelf below to reduce the debs into the glaze.


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It's a problem. I prefer to use either all full shelves or all half shelves. When you have a full shelf sitting on 4 posts they tend to rock a little, which means they're more likely to warp. But you need to post them so the posts align all the way down to the bottom. You either have to live with the rocking, or you can put some wadding on top of each post to level them out, like a 50/50 mix of alumina hydrate and EPK. Kind of a pain to do each firing, though.

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I'm probably about as non conformist as can be when it comes to stacking, as I have often n the past used one or two full shelves in the bottom of the kiln, then half shelves. At times I have used spiral stacking using a variety of stilts and broken shelf pieces to st a spiral that would allow me to place 3 patens/plates in the same space as two plates (diameters of patens do not allow placement across the diameter of the kiln). This technique allowed me to un a load with about 20 plates in the same kiln as a normal pack would run 15. My biggest concern when doing these stacks if that the stilt is supported evenly without any wobble. I make certain to use 3 stilts whenever possible to support the stilt and yet minimize warping the shelf.  




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