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Tips for finding used wheels?

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I am trying to find a used wheel but so far I'm coming up empty - I've been looking on facebook/craigslist and there's almost nothing. Does anyone have any good resources for finding them?

I'm located in Ventura, CA, not too far from LA, if that makes any difference.

Thank you!

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They are tricky to find, but the key is consistency. I managed to find both of my kilns and my wheel on Facebook Marketplace. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get them, as they are bloody expensive bought new. 

It may sound absurd, but I told the universe what I needed, and on certain times, I felt the urge to check FB, and voila! New equipment. But you may find OK to set up an alarm and be fast, as they are pretty looked for. Good luck! 

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Marc C found one for me on EBay,  he knew I was still using a kick wheel and needed to switch to a electric.  Bad knees was slowing my kicking speed.  It was a pick up only in my home town,  even told me a fair price to offer the seller.   My local ceramic supplier often  has used wheels,  if you watch govt.  auction sites you can find wheels and kilns.   I know a potter who bought a nearly new Skutt 1027 computer controlled for 300 dollars at a nearby govt air base auction.   When he picked it up they offered him two more for the same price.  He is kicking himself know for not buying them.  He could of resold them and made some extra cash.  I imagine that wheels were popular purchase during the pandemic.    When the world gets back to normal there will a lot of used ones will be for sale.   Work on some hand building until you find a wheel it will make you a well rounded potter.      Denice   

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