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Shipping and Firing A Cake Stand

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Hi Everyone, I'm going to be shipping a cake stand next week. I've shipped lots of things but not often large plates or cake stands. I'm concerned about it breaking in transit, any suggestions? 

Also, my last stint of making cake stands I bisque-fired them upside down in the kiln as someone suggested. Anyone feel that's necessary? 




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Support every part with cardboard is what I'd do.  That means stuffing the empty spaces and then rolling the entire thing in a cardboard sheet that extends above and below the form by at least an inch. Then padding a box and stuffing it in.  

This is a variation of "box in a box" shipping that has worked well for me.

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Keep the two parts from touching if your are also sending a plate bottom . As noted above use the boc in a box for 100% sure it does not get broken. Also the soone ryou send it the better as all shipper get overwhelmed this time of yesr and really get rough on boxes. Pack it so they can throw it as they will do that.

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