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What will happen to a 04 glaze at cone 5?


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First of all, a huge thank you to all of you for your advice.  I have been reading this for a couple of years and have learned so much.  I have searched the forum and have not found an answer to my question.

I am a hobby potter who goes to a "public" studio where they have buckets of cone 5-6 glazes which all mostly work well.  Then there is a side shelf which has small pint bottles of miscellaneous glazes that people have donated.  I was playing around with layering the bucket (come 5-6) glazes on a bowl and I picked up a small jar of Duncan brand Seaglass and added a layer to my bowl.  So there are 4 bands of cone 5-6 glazes on my bowl plus a band of Duncan.  It is in the queue to be fired.  Now I came home, looked up the Duncan and have discovered that Duncan is an 06 low-fire glaze. Darn!

Should I leave it in the queue and see what happens?  Or, should  go back and grab it, wash it off and start over? 

Thank you again for your help.

Jean D.

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Likely the glaze will overfire and become runny. Since it’s a public studio situation I would grab it and at least  if you want to fire make sure it is on a big enough cookie just in case it does run. No point in ruining shelves or other folks work.

There are some  low fire glazes that specifically say you can fire higher. Stroke and coat would be one from Mayco I believe. Generally when something is overfired it becomes runny, gravity takes over and it runs off the pot.

When layering  any glazes (even cone 5- 6) it’s always a good idea to fire on a cookie or waster slab until you know how they behave together.

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Yes indeed.  This was a poor quality bowl that I was playing around with.

I went back to the studio this morning to get the bowl and I examined the Duncan jar.  It is cone 5-6.  It turns out Duncan has two glazes titled "Sea Glass".  The 'True matte'  line is cone 06; the Renaissance line is cone 6.  The lesson is  - Always read the jar!

  Thank you.


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