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Keep your throwing water and slop from your splashpan and add that back into the clay scrap. It's the fines that make the clay plastic, when you throw clay some of this is removed in the slip that is generated. Alternatively, @glazenerd suggests using a blend of 80% OM 4 ball clay, 10% silica, and 10% nepheline syenite for stoneware, using 1 cup of dry mix blend to 1 gallon of slurry then adjust amount as necessary. For porcelain he suggests using 50% Grolleg kaolin, 25% nepheline syenite, and 25% silica together plus 2% BentoneMA and use 1/2 cup of this blend to 1 gallon of slurry. His full article is in the June/July/August issue of CM. 

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