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Ok I;m feeling like and old timer now.

Nothing earth  shattering-firing a few glaze fires today. as usual on Tuesdays . Also working with Skutt kilns on my new kiln bands which are showing rust in 11 months and 4 bisque fires. That rust really was a bummer to find with so little use.

We will see how this shakes out.

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This is a new to me kiln.  Don't know the exact history of it.  Would that be your take on how a kiln may have gotten this condition?  I think it's going to be functional for now.  If next year is functional at all, I may have some work done on that bottom ring, replacing a few bricks and a new band.

The Skutt kilns definitely seem to be prone to rust.  Low grade stainless, no doubt.

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Rust happens, My new square kiln with stainless steel sides, not bands, gives rust coloured stains to cement floor.

30 - 40eg C days, no salt save sea air and dry as a bone bisqueware.

Freaked me but as Neil.writes, it"ll last a while, see me out.

Old lady's warning a good one. I vacuum top of bricks and suck out bung holes in lid as can get small flakes onto top shelf ware.

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The inside of body bands are more prone to rust than the outside, as all the moisture that comes out during firings works through the porous bricks. Some of the rust may also be from non-stainless steel backing plates that are often put behind the body bands where handles and hinges are attached to increase strength in those areas. All but the best stainless screws will also rust where the penetrate the brick. I've removed non-stainless screws that looked like a push pin from rusting out so much, just a screw head and a thin pointy bit.

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Buy 316 stainless screws if you want them to last

you get them here. I order a lot of things from this supplier-they are in my state and have great service and quality stuff (no junk)


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