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Fixing ^6 pin holes with ^04 clear?

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Really happy with how a piece turned out but the glaze was a bit thick and it has pin holes in the center. Tried to find some info on the internet and am only coming across refiring to ^6. I am hesitant to do this because I really like the run in my glaze and am worried it will change it too much if I go for a full refire. So I am wondering if I could apply a clear 04 glaze over this portion and put it in with my bisq? Also, does any one know of any reliable 04 clear they would suggest- pretty new or making my own glazes.


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If it’s pooling and pinholing in the centre, refiring is likely to make it worse. The fluidity here makes me think that it will at least start to melt at bisque temperatures, but a partially melted glaze is going to be even worse than the existing situation. So I don’t think adding clear glaze is going to help. 

Since you’ve sold it already, you have a couple of options. 1) Refund your customer and apologize. 2) Explain there’s been technical difficulties without giving too much detail, ask your customer for patience, and remake it for them. If you’re thinking of working more professionally, you could consider throwing in a ring dish or a Christmas ornament as a mea culpa.

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I'm not seeing the pinholes as being a big issue at all if the clay is vitrified. Look at Japanese Shino wares, pinholes are part of the aesthetic. If you don't want the pinholes on the next one then try lightly spritzing the bisque with water about 5 minutes before you glaze it. The dampened bisque will take up less glaze so when the glaze runs down it won't create such a thick layer.

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