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Hi all,


I  have been making samples using Scarva Nano Mason Stains (https://www.scarva.com/en/gb/Nano-Leadfree-Glaze-and-Body-Stains/c-51.aspx) to colour the clay body of the Scarva PF700 Stoneware(https://www.scarva.com/en/gb/Scarva-Earthstone-Professional-PF700-Porcelain-White-Stoneware/m-43.aspx). I am firing to cone 8 (1250c) with a soak of 30mins but as you can see in the attached photo the warm colours are not coming through at all. The cool colours are reasonably close to the colours advertised but still off. Can you please advise whether I am doing anything wrong to cause this?


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If you can find the composition of the stains it would be helpful. Not all stains are compatible with all glazes nor claybodies. My hunch would be the Deep Crimson and the Pink are chrome tin stains (they employ chrome and tin to make the colour). Chrome tin stains need high calcium and preferably low alumina, in a claybody you will have a high level of alumina and the calcium is probably not nearly high enough for the colour to develop. For pink I would look for a manganese alumina based stain.

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(Just some nerdy nitpicking, skip over and carry on if it doesn't matter... Mason stains have nothing to do with masonry, bricks, or any of the building trades. The Mason Colorworks was founded in 1842 by James and Mary Mason. There are other purveyors of ceramic stains, but Mason is a brand name for stains from Mason Colorworks. It's a bit like Xerox brand photocopiers. There is no such thing as a Canon xerox machine.)

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