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Clay analysis, where to go?

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Hello, I have been in contact with different companies and labs and asked if they did oxide analysis of clay and how much it would cost.  Some did not, some only analysed metal content, not oxides and some labs vere a bit expensive.  I am hoping to, in time afford a thorough analyse from SGS Minerals, which would cost apprx 350$.  I use marine clay, arctic brick clay which is ice age deposited everywhere here in Norway.   This near polar area holds billions and billions of very fine earthenware clay.   Much more finely particled than any other clay or porcelain.    I am hoping to be able to better mix the clay as glaze base if I can acquire the percentages of its different constituents.  I know mix the clay body with 15% puraflo blueclay (50% SiO2).  Anyway,  I like this clay, I think using lokal clay is the base for any potterycraft and I would like to know a bit more about it, do you know of anyone that can do a simple analyse of this clay for the 4-5 most prevalent oxides?

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10 minutes ago, Min said:

@PeterH, I got an unsafe warning when I went to open the link you posted. Is it the same as this? 3 areas of Norway marine clay samples at various depths.



Nope, try this   https://tinyurl.com/y3rztakd

The two papers on Norway are at


PS If there are still problems I'll send google search strings

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It is definetly interesting to see the values, but with sediments,  one bay can differ greatly from another so the clay in different places , with only miles apart can have quite dissimilar percentages of the different oxides, so using a table like this has no appliance when it comes to mixing.  

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