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Hobby ceramicraft studio 1 kiln help

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Hi I'm after a bit of help. My kiln has got an error code and has stopped working. 

Error code when you turn the kiln on is errp.

When you push start the controller goes into idol mode ready for you to start a firing schedule. 

When you set it to start firing it does not heat it and there are no clicks from the solonoids.  Also the display shows erratic tempretures. 

A few links below showing videos of the problem below 






Any help would be appreciated as I've googled the hell out of this and can't find any answers. 


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Hi roberta thanks for the links.

I have a hobby ceramicraft studio 1 kiln.

Both the links you sent both point towards a temporary power loss but if that was the case the kiln should just work once I've cleared the message.

I read the 1st link you sent before so I replaced both solonoids and the transformer and its doing exactly the same.

Wondering if it is the controller itself now as I only replaced the thermocouple a few months ago.

Just a lot of money to buy a new controller without knowing for sure.

Thanks again for the links.

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It's probably a bad controller. When the keypad stops responding and you get weird things happening, that's usually a sign of needing a new controller. The only other possibility is that it's getting a bad signal from the thermocouple. Check all the connections and the wire. If it all looks good, then It's probably the controller itself. You can probably get a replacement from Bartlett cheaper than from Paragon.

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The videos I saw when I googled this kiln featured an Orton sentry 2.0 controller. Not sure if that helps but the brand / model should be right on the control which allows you to google the manual. Everything mentioned above sums it up though. Good chance it’s the controller. If you can get their manual though, you should be able to confirm by following the trouble shooting procedures.

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