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Good kilns. It's an old kiln, but you can still get parts for them from L&L. They tend to be in really good condition whenever I find them. The serial number is the date of manufacture. How does it look? Are the bricks in good condition? Depending on how old it is, you may want to rewire the control box if it's got old waxy wires. Post pics if you can.

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victoria, if you have not yet purchased it, consider it's age when offering a price.  i sold one of them a couple of years ago for $100.   right now, because people are confined by covid, prices on places like ebay are ridiculously insane.   where do sellers get these ideas that an old kiln should cost $4,000?   

there was an ancient amaco 2 speed wheel for about $2,000.   schools getting rid of old equipment auctioned them off for about $20 last year.

be careful of what you buy but an econokiln by L&L  is a good by if the price is right.

you might want to read other posts on the forum under this heading.

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